What you can include on contracts of sale

Signing contracts of sale for any property can seem daunting, at first. But, when handled correctly, the procedure should be straightforward and easy to understand — for buyer and seller. During the negotiation process and once a deal has been agreed to by both parties, a contract of sale is signed by the vendor and purchaser. This legally binding document is prepared by real estate agents, solicitors or conveyancers and is managed by your solicitor or conveyancer. Timing is everything…

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What to look for in a property manager

A valuable property manager is a gift for landlords, yet also beneficial for tenants. Being able to please and appease both sides of the equation is a rare commodity. If you’re in the market for a responsible, reliable and reputable property manager, here are the must-haves for all savvy investors.  Know your product Researching the property values and comparative rentals in your region is essential for gaining not only the appropriate rate of return for your investment but also ensuring…

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The big clean: what to do and when

With low temperatures and some states experiencing lockdown restrictions that limit outward mobility, many householders are adopting an interior lifestyle view. When coupled with wintry conditions shortening our daylight hours, there’s simply no place like home. But getting your domain re-organised for a comfortable semi-hibernation is firstly a matter of assessing your cleaning and maintenance tasks. The next step is to develop readiness for the evolution of a warm and inviting home environment. Sharing the load Don’t forget that sharing…

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Good design creates timeless style

A beautiful piece of hand-crafted furniture or lighting is a joy unto itself.  Not only does it offer a striking feature for your interiors that owners and viewers can admire in equal measure. But it also builds upon an heirloom collection that offers enjoyment for future generations and makes sound investment sense.   Furniture and lighting designers that shine   Depending on your style and budget, if you’re in the market for a designer item to grace your home, we highlight a…

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Should you rent or buy, and why?

The question of homeownership versus contributing to a landlord’s investment is an age-old conundrum when buying your first home. Homeownership is a worthy goal that can build wealth and provide security. But depending on different lifestyle stages and priorities, buying versus renting is not necessarily for everyone.    Pros and cons of change If you’re ready for a change and have a regimented savings plan in place, property purchase could be your next move.  On the other hand, if the onus…

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