What can property investors claim at tax time?

Heading into tax time can seem a daunting prospect with understanding what you can and can’t claim on your investment property. The good news is that a good property manager can help to keep track of your expenditure over your property and a great accountant will help with identifying and maximising the deductions that you can claim on your investment.Some of the areas that your accountant may talk to you about considering when putting through your return.Agent FeesThe professional fees that…

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How much should I sell my home for?

The property market is constantly moving and what the final sale price of a property ends at varies depending on a multitude of factors, however, will largely be at the whim of supply and demand of properties in the market.When looking at pricing your home, you first might consider basing the sale price off the current mortgage that you owe and how much you need to purchase your next property. While these are important considerations, at the end of the…

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When is the right time to sell?

The decision to sell your home can be life-changing and when you are considering when the right time might be, you can sometimes get caught up in the hype of when it might be a good time to test the market. Largely, the real estate market can be seasonal in the demand for property. Spring has traditionally been a prime time to sell property as potential buyers come out of winter hibernation and decide to make a move. This of course, is…

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Should I consider selling off-market

While there are the traditional methods of sale including auction, private treaty, and expressions of interest or tender, with more recent market demands, selling off-market has become a viable option for sellers and buyers. To sell off-market, a sales agent will usually have a database of interested buyers that have been generated due to an interest in similar properties in the area. This will provide an avenue to market the property to these prospective buyers without public advertising. If this form of…

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5 reasons to hire a property manager

If you own one or even more investment properties, there are benefits to employing a qualified property manager to take care of your assets and who will ensure that the essential areas are taken care of. A good property manager will take the potential stress away from you when it comes to management of the property on a day-to-day basis with thorough knowledge of legislative requirements and advise you of your responsibilities as a landlord. Lease the PropertyA property manager will market…

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