Choosing the right-sized barbecue — Part One

When it comes time to buy a new barbecue, every weekend-entertaining warrior dreams of a monstrous meat-beast: 14 burners, a grill big enough to cook a water buffalo and a shed worth of stainless steel.However, when reality ultimately takes hold, you have three important factors to consider when choosing your next barbecue:How much money do I want to spend?How big is my entertaining area?How many people will I be barbecuing for (most of the time)?A moveable feastA portable barbecue could be ideal…

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Creating sustainable homes for universal access

Creating liveable homes for all ages and personal mobility issues is a forward-thinking and value-adding objective.Towards this aim, the Liveable Homes initiative was developed to increase the number of private and public homes in Western Australia that are built with universal access. But the tenets apply to homes in all regions.Liveable Homes are easy to move around in and easy to use. They are open plans and designed to maximise space in key areas of the home.Incorporating environmental performance and…

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Designing for climate

Constructing homes with passive design principles is an increasing priority for owners and builders.People are comfortable only within a very narrow range of conditions.The human body’s temperature is about 37°C and is affected by a range of physiological and psychological factors, such as temperature, humidity, air movement (breeze or draught), exposure to radiant heat sources and cool surfaces. Psychological thermal discomfort can make us set the thermostat on heating or cooling systems well beyond the levels required for comfort. For every 1°C…

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Diplomatic relations at their noise-reducing best

Noisy neighbours can make every day seem like you’re living in the middle of a war zone.But there are simple ways in which harmony can be restored without the need to resort to desperate measures.   It’s an unfortunate fact that modern apartments are built with lighter, less-dense materials, but it’s also true of freestanding residences on smaller allotments. But there is a solution to the problem, no matter how big or small it may appear. As a starting point, it’s best to be…

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Protecting your home against pest invasion

Pest infestation is never pleasant, but if you detect evidence of unwanted visitors in your home, there are methods to remove them quickly and efficiently.Maintaining cleanliness inside and blocking pest entry from the outside is a good start. Pest removal specialists advise that regular maintenance can be your first and lasting safeguard against rodents, termites, wasps and other creepy crawlies. Declutter for detectionThis includes clearing clutter and storing items in plastic or metal containers (rather than cardboard), and disposing of rubbish properly.   The…

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