Nothing presents as a problem

Everything Bianca does and says is exacting and reliably truthful and accurate. Known very well in the community, one comes to trust the girl in all she says and does.


A contact of years past has recently become our real estate agent and one couldn’t wish for anything more with her open, overwhelming love and applications of and the profession she has chosen… and the prospects she lovingly caters to, every day.


Nothing presents as a problem…every “issue” is quickly addressed and resolved, almost in moments. Bianca’s confidence and industry knowledge is inspiring and refreshing, bringing much admiration we’re sure from all who have been exposed to her friendliness and brilliance.  

We highly recommend her services

We turned to Bianca after the failure of a previous campaign with other local agents. We were not keen on an auction but ready to consider the idea.


Bianca was very professional and impressed us with her ideas regarding marketing and presentation of the property and how to conduct the short pre auction showings to attract the most buyers and maximize the price.


She directed her team of incredibly efficient and competent tradesmen to bring the property up to its highest standard possible.


It was beyond our expectations and the subsequent sale proved that her approach was absolutely correct.


Our decision to trust Bianca with our sale by auction was amply rewarded, in fact Bianca achieved for us the highest price paid for a home in Wentworth Falls! We highly recommend her services.

Bianca’s constant enthusiasm

Bianca is a first class professional in everything she does to make your home sell for the best possible price. We can say with absolute confidence, because immediately prior to listing with Bianca, we wasted 4 months with a very high profile agency that gave an entirely opposite experience.


From the outset, Bianca took a total re-look at what we felt was a very saleable home. In no time at all our house had been re-styled to suit a more broad potential market, the sales collateral produced was first class, and we still get comments from friends on the high quality and production values of her video production team. Consequently, the high number of web site hits was a major contributor to us being able to sell in a declining market.


The feedback from Open Houses was at all times timely and realistic. More importantly, we were able to collaboratively, make meaningful decisions in order to respond to the feedback, market situation, price and other stalls or objections affecting the sale.


Bianca’s constant enthusiasm, “never say die attitude” and overall ability to keep so many balls in the air at once, without becoming stressed were a true delight.


If you intend to sell your home in Wentworth Falls, there is only one agency to consider. Thank you Bianca.

Both Bianca and Neil Brown have the WOW Factor also

We recently bought a beautiful property in Wentworth Falls thanks to Bianca Brown. And it is a house with the WOW Factor and Bianca knew exactly that this is what we had been looking for. We had tried buying a property with Bianca before, but thanks to her wise and great understanding of the market, and us Bianca knew that this was not the right house for us, until our current new home came along.


From the moment I called Bianca about the house, Bianca did everything in her power to make sure we got the house of our dreams. At no point did Bianca put any pressure on us but her advice and her negotiations with the vendor made our dreams come true.


Both Bianca and Neil Brown have the WOW Factor also. From the moment you meet them their warm, open and friendly personalities make them an absolute pleasure to deal with. They went out of their way to make the transition from our old home to our new home as seamless as possible despite some legal bumps along the way.


Neil also is now looking after our previous home as a rental property for us. His advice and contacts have been invaluable. They are a class act, all the way to the end of the sale with the beautiful flowers and gifts they bought us upon moving in.


Thank you Bianca and Neil so much for helping us get to where we wanted. I would absolutely recommend Bianca Brown and Neil Brown in any real estate venture…buying, selling and renting, They have their finger on the pulse and their professionalism, knowledge and care for their clients is what makes them both a winning combination.

Amazing job Bianca and Neil

For us it wasn’t just about selling a property, it was also about selling our home and it’s memories, Bianca and Neil Brown not only have immense experience and professional advice for selling a property but have exceptional empathy and understanding of what it meant to sell our home. The result was perfect from start to finish.


What makes Bianca stand out, is all the elements of selling that were covered, including support 24/7.


We could not have asked for a better team to sell our property. Bianca enabled us to start living a new life we had dreamed of.


Amazing job Bianca and Neil, we can never thank you enough for everything!!