How to bring country and city together

Scratching your head trying to reconcile your appreciation for both city and country? There is a way to have your country cake – and eat your city style too – and all while (possibly) enjoying extra cash on the side. Read on to find out more. Rustic opportunity You’re keen to escape to the country – sometimes. Trouble is, you’ve got work, friends and family in the metropolis, to say nothing of a mortgage. And then there are those city…

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Understanding rural distances

If you’ve just moved to a rural or regional area, the nearest supermarket may easily be 50km away. The same might also be the case for a post office or chemist, leaving you balancing the costs of petrol and car maintenance with the joys of peace and quiet. Both sides of the coin might leave you very well satisfied. If not, read on…. Don't doubt Firstly, chances are that if you love your new rural abode, you won’t be bothered…

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To buy or to rent?

It’s the question everyone asks themselves at one point in their lives: should I buy or rent? Answer: there’s no easy answer! A lot depends on your financial and personal situation, and where you wished to live and work. But that’s OK. This is always a good question to consider, especially when your circumstances changing. Renting ups... Renters aren’t always 20-something singles or couples with a small bank account. Plenty of families and older singles choose this road – regardless…

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